They can help you decide what treatment methods are right for you. Search our rehab directory to find the nearest treatment center to you. For those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, AA and its sister groups are some of the most popular programs for getting sober. In fact, as of 2019, over 2 million people worldwide went to AA. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970s. Benefits include an increased understanding of self and others and better communication, and addiction therapy is just one of many suggested uses.

Educating Yourself on the Dangers of Alcohol and Other Drugs

20 years sober without aa

Triggers for using drugs and alcohol typically are people, places, and things that remind you of your addictive behavior or encourage the use of substances you’re avoiding. Alcoholics Anonymous helps alcoholics getting sober without aa stop drinking — and live a better life — one day at a time. For many, returning to daily life after treatment means returning home to family, which is why family can be the strongest social support system.

Step 2: Reach Out

20 years sober without aa

70% of individuals struggling with alcoholism will relapse at some point, however, relapse rates decline the longer someone stays sober. Once you are past the initial detox phase, rehabilitation programs (or rehab) are one way to go. Residential treatment can last days, and gives you a chance for a full reset. Outpatient rehab lets you continue living at home and attend treatment for several hours per day. Online rehab is the least disruptive, letting you talk to doctors and coaches from home via your phone.

Young and Sober in A.A.: From Drinking to Recovery

Support groups can include 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or non-12-step groups like SMART Recovery, which has a more secular approach. Getting sober is when someone stops using an intoxicating substance. It can include a medically supervised detox, various forms of treatment including therapy and 12-step programs, and calling upon family, friends, and professionals for additional support. Not everyone comes from an encouraging and supportive home environment. If your family and or friends aren’t motivating you to seek help for your substance misuse, make an appointment with a medical or addiction treatment professional. These individuals can direct you toward the resources you need for recovery, including the needed services and diagnosis of substance use and any co-occurring mental health disorders.

20 Sober Celebrities: The Ones that Chose a Life Without Alcohol – Men’s Health UK

20 Sober Celebrities: The Ones that Chose a Life Without Alcohol.

Posted: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

20 years sober without aa

Pretty Little Liars actor has been sober since January 2022 after realising she was a ‘textbook binge drinker’ as she told The Diary of a CEO podcast last February. In 2022, in conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis, he spoke more about his commitment to sobriety and breaking from family history. In September, he shared a positive update by uploading a picture of his party drink which very noticeably contained 0.0% alcohol content. After setting himself a six-month sober target, he soon realised he was the ‘happiest I’ve ever been in my life’. If you’re allergic to something or have an anaphylactic reaction to something, you don’t argue with it. What used to be tabloid fodder, however, is slowly but surely shifting toward thoughtful conversation about the benefits of going sober.

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